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Welcome to our homepage!


The enterprise was established in 2011. We deal with the commerce of non-ferrous alloys, especially the brass rods. However the company seems to be young, we have more years experience in this field.

We keep contact with many european factories and local distributors to support the best prices and service quality.

Although our main activity is the distribution of brass rods, we deal with copper and bronze alloys as well.

Quality in focus! We are committed to grant the best quality of products and bench of services. All of our products have certificate. On stock we keep mainly brass rods stemming from the German factory of KME Group, though we keep contact with other european factories which are able to guarantee our policy of quality. (standards)

Price in focus! We try to reach the satisfaction of our customers with low and calculable prices. In our opinion, it is one of the most important things to keep up the customer satisfaction.  

Trust in focus! We are committed to create long term partnership with all of our partners. Improving stock helps the quick and continously service. We appreciate our partners with best prices and flexibile services. 

Zoltan Lukacs
executive manager


Ms58 Brass-field Kft.
1221 Budapest, Gyár utca 15.
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