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Copper bars and sheets

The semi-products of copper is almost used in all field of industry because of good thermal and electric conductivity.


The most distributed products of copper:


Cu-ETP (E-Cu57) /DIN1787/46433/40500T3/ copper flat bar, half-hard, rounded edges, 4000 -0/+100 mm lenght. It is used in the electric industry in big quantity.


Sheets made of Cu-DHP (SF-Cu) /EN16526/ for covering of buildings roofs and Cu-ETP (E-Cu57) /EN135996/ for electric application. 


Beside the foresaid we can offer different profiles of copper – round, square, hexagonal –,  and copper basis alloys – CuCoBe, CuCrZr, CuTe etc. – as well.


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