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non-ferrous metals
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About Ms58 Brass-field Ltd.


The undertaking deals with selling non-ferrous metal products of European factories since 2011.


We have considerable technical knowledges and practice in field of produce and application of non-ferrous metals. Because of this, beside the trade, our important activity is the expert advice.


Our main product is the CuZn39Pb3, EN 12164 CW614N brass alloy, which is general in cutting workshops. We keep on stock round and hexagonal bars (ø6 - ø60; Hex6 - Hex32).

Furthermore other brass profiles and alloys, special brasses, bronze and copper bars are available. 

On stock usualy we keep brass rods from the German factory of KME Group, though we maintain good contact with more European companies insuring the best prices and the best service standard hereby.


All of our suppliers have ISO qualification, we deliver our products with a certificate.



Ms58 Brass-field Kft.
1221 Budapest, Gyár utca 15.
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