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Bronze rods and tubes

Bronze is the name of different copper alloys. It has been used from the ancient era. In that time usually weapons, statues and bells were made of different bronzes. 

Industry uses for production a big quantity of bronzes. Various components are made of them like sleeves, slide bearings, cog wheels etc.   


Important expectation is the delicate granule construction at bronze rods and tubes, so we deal with distribution of the following alloys: CuSn12 and CuSn7Zn4Pb7 /DIN1705 EN1982/. There are made with countinous casting techonology under diameter 350 mm. Above this diameter there are produced with cetrifugal casting.    


The rods and tubes are delivered unfinished with allowance. Precutted face is also possible at that bronzes which made with centrifugal casting technology. We can deliver finished components by drawing.  


The most distributed alloys of bronzes: 


DIN 1705, EN1982


CuSn7Zn4Pb7 (Rg7)


In addition we deal with distribution of various tin bronzes, aluminium bronzes, unfinished, precutted and finished sleeves and slide bearings.


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